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Loan Rates* - Effective 8.14.18

Rates and terms are subject to change.

(Rates posted are lowest rates available).

Auto Loans

Loan TypesApprox. TermFixed Rate
Auto60 mos3.39%
Auto72 mos3.79%
Auto84 mos4.49%
Boat & RV84 mos4.89%

Other Rates

Loan TypesApprox. TermVariable Rate
Visa Platinum7.95%
Visa Platinum with Rewards9.95%
Visa Gold13.15%
Visa Gold with Rewards15.15%
Visa Debit with Overdraft18.15%
Signature Loans36 Months8.00% Fixed

Deposits Secured


Loan TypesApprox. TermFixed Rate
CD SecuredTerm of CDCD Rate + 2%
Share Secured24 mos3.14%


*Rates shown are Annual Percentage Rates (APR), and are based on members with A credit or higher and a minimum of 20% down. Loan rates are increased for lower credit scores. Rates may change without notice. Please call for current rates.