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Calendar 2019 Submissions:

This year instead of seeing where you have been, we want to see what you can do! So submit photos of art/creations you made and find fun ways to relate your project to a certain month or season. We encourage you to make things using just about anything including crayons, yarn, cork, wood, paper, light bulbs, cakes, things you find in the forest or anything else.

You don't have to be an "artist" to make something interesting and beautiful. Whether you build things in Minecraft, like to sketch or have never made anything before, we have tons of ideas and inspiration for every skill level in the Pinterest boards below (to see everything you will need to sign in to Pinterest). Also before going to a craft store check out Clever Octopus's store to get deeply discounted craft supplies. Winners will receive credit for Clever Octopus and we will have a gallery night to display the artwork. 

You can also check out these boards from Clever Octopus:


Competition Details

All submissions are due by Friday, August 3rd 

  • Please email a photo of your creation to marketing@transwestcu.com with the Subject: Calendar 2019 
  • In your email include what you made, how you made it, the month you would like the project to be used for (if applicable) and any other relevant details.
  • If your project is selected you will be contacted and asked to bring it by our Administrative Office so we can have it photographed.
  • Please direct any questions or inquiries to marketing@transwestcu.com.
  • To be eligible you must be a TransWest member, if you become a member to be eligible we will give you $50 to start your Green Savings account.