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Credit Disclosures
Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases Prime + 5.9% for Platinum Card without Rewards
Prime + 7.9% for Platinum Card with Rewards
Prime + 9.9% for Gold Card without Rewards
Prime + 11.9% for Gold Card with Rewards
Prime + 14.9% for Overdraft/Freedom Cards
Annual Membership Fee None
Grace Period for Purchases 25 Days
Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases Average Daily Balance Method
Late Payment Fee 5% of scheduled payment or $15.00 - whichever is greater.
Over the Limit Fee $30.00
Cash Advance Fee 1.5% of Amount

25-DAY GRACE PERIOD. You can avoid FINANCE CHARGE on purchases by paying the full amount of the New Balance of Purchases each month within 25 days of your statement closing date. Otherwise, the New Balance of Purchases, and subsequent purchases from date they are posted to your account, will be subject to FINANCE CHARGE.

CASH ADVANCES. There is a 1.5% cash advance fee and there is no grace period on a cash advances. Interest will be charged from the day the advance is posted to your account.

FINANCE CHARGE. The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE may vary. The rate is determined quarterly by adding 5.9% for VISA PLATINUM without Rewards, 7.9% for VISA PLATINUM with Rewards, 9.9% for VISA GOLD without Rewards, 11.9% for VISA GOLD with Rewards, and 14.9% for VISA CHECK/FREEDOM CARD to the Prime Rate (as listed in the Wall Street Journal). The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE will be adjusted quarterly based on the "U.S. Prime Rate" as listed in the "Money Section" of the Wall Street Journal on the third Tuesday of March, June, September and December. The interest rate on existing balances will be adjusted on the last day of the quarter. The maximum interest rate will never exceed the rate permitted under Utah law. The minimum interest rate is 6.9%. There is no maximum change in the interest rate in any quarter. A FINANCE CHARGE on the daily balance of purchases will be assessed from the date the purchase transaction is posted to your account unless the "New Balance" shown on your previous statement was paid in full on or before the due date shown. If you elect to pay your account in installments, or you do not pay in full by the date shown on your monthly statement, you shall pay a periodic FINANCE CHARGE on your unpaid purchases and advances.

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