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Membership Requirements

How to Join

As a member of TransWest Credit Union and by owning one $25.00 regular share, you are an owner of the Credit Union. As an owner, you enjoy the right to vote on TransWest Credit Union issues and elect members to the Board of Directors.

If you are eligible for membership, fill out the membership application online or drop by one of our branches. You'll become a TransWest member in just a few minutes!

Who Can Join?

Not everyone can join the Credit Union. Those eligible for membership are those that, at the time of application, meet any of the following qualifications:

  • A resident of Salt Lake County;
  • An employee of the Union Pacific Railroad;
  • An employee of Kennecott Copper Corporation;
  • An employee of US Magnesium Corporation;
  • An employee, volunteer or member of Clever Octopus
  • An employee of Prestman Auto
  • An immediate family member of a current Credit Union member; or
  • An employee of this credit union.

If you have any questions about membership at TransWest Credit Union, call (801) 487-1692 or toll free at (800) 748-4488 for more details.

You may also write to:

TransWest Credit Union
P.O. Box 65218
Salt Lake City, Utah 84165-0218