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Meet Our Mortgage Officers


Randy Call

Mortgage Loan Officer

Salt Lake Administration Office

801-487-1692 Ext. 571


Randy has worked in the mortgage profession for more than 25 years. During that time, Randy worked as a Mortgage Underwriter and Private Mortgage Banker for several large banks before joining TransWest in 2009. Randy has a B.S. degree in finance and enjoys helping people tailor their mortgage financing to meet their overall financial objectives.


Cyndi Kendall

Mortgage Loan Officer

Taylorsville Branch

801-487-1692 Ext. 371


Cyndi brings many years of experience and unrivaled customer service in the mortgage industry.  Cyndi believes "It's extremely satisfying to have the oportunity to assist people with the financing of such an important purchase." "There isn't anything I would rather do." Cyndi's fun and open personality, make her a successful mortgage loan officer.


Kristin Runyan

Mortgage Loan Officer

Sandy Branch

801-487-1692 Ext. 271


Kristin has worked in the mortgage industry for more than 20 years. She can guide and help you with the right loan program to fit your individual needs. Kristin's friendly personality, honesty and integrity make her a successful mortgage loan officer.


Ed Samuels

Mortgage Loan Officer

Salt Lake Branch

801-487-1692 Ext. 601


Ed has over 20 years of experience in the consumer finance industry. He has been an Area Manager for a regional mortgage bank as well as running his own mortgage company for over 10 years. Ed joined TransWest in November of 2009 and his vast knowledge of mortgage lending as well as consumer lending has been a great benefit to our members.