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Mortgage Rates* - Effective 8.7.20

Home Equity Loan

Umbrella Home Equity Loan4.500%Contact loan officer$200,000

First Mortgage Loans

5 year Fixed Rate2.250%Contact loan officer$484,350
7 year Fixed Rate2.250%Contact loan officer$484,350
15 year Fixed Rate2.250%Contact loan officer$484,350
20 year Fixed Rate2.500%Contact loan officer$484,350
30 year Fixed Rate2.500%Contact loan officer$484,350
30 year / 5 year Fixed ARM2.375%Contact loan officer$484,350
30 year / 7 year Fixed ARM2.500%Contact loan officer$484,350

The above rates require the borrower to pay closing costs.
For "No Cost Fixed Rates" call your TransWest CU Mortgage Loan Officer.

1st Lien Jr. Mortgages

5 Year3.700%Contact loan officer$200,000
7 Year3.700%Contact loan officer$200,000
10 Year3.825%Contact loan officer$200,000
15 Year3.950%Contact loan officer$200,000

Improved Real Estate

10 Year5.115%Contact loan officer$200,000
7 yr Fixed 30 yr ARM5.615%Contact loan officer$200,000


*Rates shown are Annual Percentage Rates (APR), may change without notice, and are rates of mortgages sold on the secondary market. These rates are the lowest available and are based on an excellent credit score, owner-occupied property, single-family residence, and a Loan-to-Value ratio less than or equal to 80%.

Home Equity Line's of Credit are a variable rate and have a 15-year draw with a 20-year term.

Your loan-to-value ratio or other restrictions may affect rate and loan approval.

TransWest Credit Union (NMLS #415974) and its mortgage representatives are registered with The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry.



Mortgage Loan Officers

Officer NameTelephone NumberBranch NameNMLS #
Randy Call801-487-1692 Ext. 571Administration Office796715
Cindy Clawson801-487-1692 Ext. 301Taylorsville Branch796722
Diane Howell801-487-1692 Ext. 201Sandy Branch1051358
Suzanne Jensen801-487-1692 Ext. 401Magna Branch1698541
Cyndi Kendall801-487-1692 Ext. 371Taylorsville Branch205928
Barry Larsen801-487-1692 Ext. 961Administration Office796717
Kristin Runyan801-487-1692 Ext. 271Sandy Branch1401025
Ed Samuels801-487-1692 Ext. 601Salt Lake Branch307627

Long Distance? Call (800) 748-4488 with the same extensions.

They would be glad to discuss the current rates and the many options available to you.