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Shared Branch

Making it to a branch just for a quick transaction might not always be possible especially when you have accounts with multiple credit unions.

Luckily as a TransWest Credit Union member you have FULL access to the CO-OP shared branching network, the second largest branch network in the U.S. (only Wells Fargo has more)! This means you can access your TransWest account at over 5,600 locations across the country and even internationally. It also means you can complete transactions from a participating credit union that you are a member of at a TransWest branch. For example, next time you are stopping by to pay a loan you can also withdraw cash from your account at another credit union.  


How to get started:  

1. Go to co-opcreditunions.org/locator to access a map listing the nearest participating branches.

- From here you can download the CO-OP shared branch locator app.

2. Inform the teller that you need to complete a shared branch transaction. 

- Provide your credit union name (e.g. TransWest) and account number. 

- Have your driver's license or another government issued photo ID available. 

Available shared branch transactions: 

- Make deposits | withdraw money | check your balance 

- Make a loan payment or advance on an existing line of credit 

- Transfer between your accounts (and participating credit unions)

- Access some recent account history 

Transactions that may incur fees: 

- Money orders 

- Teller checks

- Cashier checks 

Transactions that cannot be completed at a shared branch: 

- Open | change | close your account 

- Apply for a loan or credit card 

- Request checks 

- Report lost or stolen credit or debit card 

- Request a wire 

- Set up or manage automatic transfers