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EMV Cards

Your card will have an EMV chip:

EMV chips are designed to prevent in-person fraud (not online purchases). They are more effective than magnetic strips because the data stored on the chips is encrypted and changes with each transaction similar to a one-time password. Additionally, unlike a magnetic strip the chip is nearly impossible to clone. Keep in mind that though chip transactions may take a bit longer they are more secure because the chip is communicating with our system and the merchant to validate your card.

With your new Debit and Credit card you will be able to change your PIN:

You will receive a mailer with your new PIN number (for security purposes it will not arrive at the same time as your card). Inside the mailer you will find a phone number you can call to create your own pin number, you can also change your PIN at an ATM.

When you use your EMV card you will be required to dip rather than swipe:

This refers to the insertion of a credit or debit card into a reader, so it is very important that you always remember to remove your card at the end of any transaction.

Joint Accounts have different card numbers than the Primary Card Holder:

This means that if there is fraud on one card, then only that card needs to be blocked and reordered which allows joint members to continue using their own cards.