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TransWest Rewards FAQs

If you have ScoreCard points, they are not expiring and you will not lose them. We will transfer your points to the new TransWest Rewards program via uChoose Rewards. Please review the below Q & A to help you prepare for the change over from ScoreCard rewards to our new program! 

Q: What are the differences between the past and current program? 

A: You’ll have more redemptions options when you want to use your points! 

Q: Do the points continue to earn the same they did with the previous program? 

A: Yes! Earn 1 point for every $1 spent and with rotating category promotions you can earn 2 - 3 points per $1

Q: Will my points from all my cards continue to be able to be combined as they did with the previous program? 

A: Yes, and, good news - combining will happen automatically under the same member number. 

Q: When do I stop earing points on the former program? 

A: May 31, 2020 

Q: When do I start earning points on the new TransWest Rewards program? 

A: June 15, 2020 

Q: What happens between May 31st and June 15th when I can’t earn points? 

A: We will credit your account for any points earned from May 31st - June 15th. 

Q: After May 31st, when will I be able to redeem my points again? 

A: July 15th. On May 31st you will no longer have access to the ScoreCard rewards site. On June 15th you can log on to www.uChooseRewards.com and begin earning new points. On July 15th, your points will be redeemable. 

Q: Will I lose my past points if not used by May 31, 2020? 

A: No. Your points with our previous program will be transferred to the new TransWest Rewards program. 

Q: When will the transfer of my previous points show on the TransWest Rewards uChoose® website?  

A: By July 15, 2020. The website is: www.uChooseRewards.com

Q: When can I begin to redeem my points with the new TransWest Rewards program? 

A: The transferred points can be used starting July 15, 2020. 

Q: Will my uChoose® points expire? 

A: No. As with our previous program your TransWest Reward points will not expire. 

Important Dates:  

May 31st: Points will no longer accumulate on the old program 

June 15th: The card you already have in your wallet will start earning TransWest Reward points in the new program.  

July 15th: ALL your points (transfer points and those you’ve accumulated since May 31st) will be available for use with the TransWest Rewards program on the website: www.uChooseRewards.com.  

TransWest Rewards Program

Our VISA program gives you options!

Use an eligible TransWest Credit Union credit card to earn points towards merchandise, gift cards, travel & more.
With the TransWest Rewards Program:
 - Earn points for every $1 spent and earn bonus points on rotating categories
 - Register to earn  bonus points shopping at participating vendors
If you want a TransWest credit card so you can start earning points call us at 801-487-1692.